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These quizzes are designed to be instructive on various aspects of golf, namely Pace-of-Play, Golf Etiquette, and the World Handicap System.

Each quiz:
  • Consists of ten "True or False" type questions (selected randomly) from a larger pool of questions on the topics noted above.
  • Summarises, anonymises, and uploads all results to a reporting dashboard allowing clubs to measure member engagement with these quizzes.
  • Takes less than two minutes to complete and can be taken anonymously as many times as a member wants.

Alternatively, clubs can create customised quizzes containing any number of questions from the total question pool. Or they can upload their own questions (using an Excel template) covering other topics. To do this a Club administrator will need to login by clicking the 'Dashboard Login' button above.

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Golf Rules

Know the rules and save a few shots.


Top tips for pacier play

Golf Etiquette

Avoid making those big mistakes


Investigate the dark arts of handicap adjustments

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